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Hi, I'm Priscilla Mondo


Born in 1988, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I’m a visual artist based in Orange County - California, USA.


Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Publicity & Advertising and Journalism from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) - in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - currently I'm participating in the Master's program in Fine Arts at OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA.

Photography has been the tool that allowed me to express, reveal and immortalize the unpredictability and constant transformation in life that would never repeat itself. The natural world and human behavior have always attracted my attention. Navigating between these universes, my curiosity often leads me to different themes. While some are still in the experimentation phase, most of my recent work has been focused on human relationships in a social environment.


The interest in understanding and connecting with people grew during my college years, where I was given the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on different fronts. Within the photography field, the advertising major introduced me to both its artistic and commercial side, while the journalism major presented me with the possibility of a narrative of life through a documentary approach.

My creative process is in constant experimentation, transformation, and evolution. I use lights, shadows, and colors as a guide to create the narrative of my stories. Building layers, I look for connections of individual universes. With humor I pursue to document our society from its behaviors and interactions. Through my work my intension is inviting the public to dive into these different stories.  

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